Team of the Week: Levere et al.

In this semester’s UBC Recreation Intramurals 4v4 Soccer League, we have the young and the old competing for the legendary, prized champ shirts. From a rookie first-year team with some crazy competitiveness to a laid back, fun-loving graduate student team, we’ve got it all. We chatted with one such team, Levere et al., to find out what they were all about.

It all began in UBC Psychology Graduate School, where all of these teammates are working in a lab together. “We needed some exercise and a dopamine rush every now and then,” the team captain, Drake, shared. Drake organized a 4v4 team for this season, explaining the parallels between him running this team and the group dynamic in the lab. “We’re like an orchestra,” he explained. “The musicians are important, but the lead guy [conductor] is more important, and that’s me.”, which makes their citation-style team name that much more hilarious, with Drake’s last name being the leading author of this “team paper” and all.

All of the teammates agreed with their captain’s lighthearted banter, showing the strength of their team dynamic. “We’re not competitive at all…we’re just here to have fun, you know?” one teammate pointed out. When asked about their prospects at a champ shirt, all they could say was “that’s a solid maybe…maybe not. Maybe yes? Who knows!”

All we know for certain is that these grad students love tearing up the field on Tuesday nights whether they win or lose. That is some team spirit worth admiring!