What NFL Teams are the Flag Football Intramural Players Supporting?

Now that the fall Point Grey Flag Football season is over, one would say the rivalries are over too. Well, that is not the case! The NFL is still running hard and strong, and our beloved teams are still fighting for a pass to the Super Bowl. Thus, some of us may still be rivals.

Having said that, players within our community don’t know who follows who, and so we decided to poll all our participants on what NFL team they follow! The results are rather surprising.

Some players within the same team were even surprised to hear who their teammates were following. If they heard they were supporting a cheating or rather, mainstream team, a frown was in order. Others were just surprised by the diversity of support in their own team and in other teams. The Flag Football Staff was even surprised with the final results, we were expecting way more mainstream teams, but we are happy that many teams were being represented among our players.


Here are all the teams followed by Point Grey Flag Football players in order by popularity:

  • Seatle Seahawks : 10

  • New England Patriots : 8

  • Baltimore Ravens : 5

  • Oakland Raiders : 4

  • Los Angeles Chargers : 4

  • NY Giants : 4

  • Denver Broncos : 3

  • Jacksonville Jaguars : 2

  • Kansas City Chiefs : 2

  • Pittsburgh Stealers : 2

  • Green Bay Packers : 2

  • New Orleans Saints : 2

  • Washington Redskins : 1

  • Carolina Panthers : 1

  • Tennessee Titians : 1

  • NY Jets : 1

  • Miami Dolphins : 1

  • Minnesota Vikings : 1

  • Cleaveland Browns : 1

  • San Francisco 49ers : 1

  • Los Angeles Rams : 1


Just a little sneak peek into the new year, these numbers might be incorporated into a cool social we might have next year! So, if you don´t follow the NFL at the moment, maybe start thinking of a team you might like!

Finally, we would like to thank all our participants for an awesome term of great touchdowns, plays, and celebrations. We hope to see you again next term and Happy Holidays!