Happy Holidays!

Here’s a quick update on what some of our sailors did since the end of the term:

Boats were “winterized” at the end of November and safely stowed at the Jericho Sailing Centre. Gear manager Erez Buyukyilmaz and some dedicated team members got the job done.

After winterization, team members hunkered down for UBC’s final exam period. As members of the Thunderbird Sports Clubs, athletes were given access to dedicated study rooms.


Club Lead Jennifer Vincent studying hard at TSC’s dedicated study hall. She’s living proof that the number of laptop stickers correlates with exam success.


The holiday season is in full swing and the UBC Skiing– I mean Sailing– Team is having a relaxing break after a really fun exam season.
Here’s 3rd-year member Eric Lyall laying waste to the slopes of Revelstoke. Damn, he must be a pretty good skier. I wish I skied like him.



Some stayed off the mountains and fed llamas.

Jen feeding a llama, who seems way less excited about its new food source than Jen.


Coming up: Practice will resume in February. Until then, the team will be doing dryland training in UBC’s Birdcoop gym weekly.

Enjoy the New Year!