Adam | Faces of Recreation

Adam is an undergraduate student at UBC.

“I chose UBC Thunderbird Sport Clubs because of the unique opportunity for significant student leadership, and elite-level of competition within an academic-focused program. I wanted TSC’s “run by students, for students” atmosphere so that I could pursue high-levels of competition but have the flexibility to find a balance that worked for me and focus on my academics when needed.  It’s that same student-centered environment that continues to draw me to Thunderbird Sport Clubs and will continue to do so for the rest of my time at UBC.”

Adam has been apart of TSC for two seasons now. He joined TSC in January 2018, and enjoyed it so much he became the sport’s club lead for Triathlon Sport Club the following year!

Adams’s Top Picks

UBC Thunderbird Sport Club (TSC)

“Participating in UBC’s Thunderbird Sport Clubs while at university has allowed me to enhance a range of skills and understandings in a way that just attending class would never be able to. TSC allows me to develop my leadership, organization, teamwork and project management skills in parallel with my academic studies so that when I graduate, I’ll be well-versed in the skills needed for leadership and management without compromising on my academic abilities. I find these career and life skills invaluable and very grateful that TSC allows an opportunity to start learning them earlier than many of my peers. TSC is focused on high-level sport, but that doesn’t you have to be at a high level when you join a team. As a club lead, I can tell you that a good attitude and excitement for the sport can compensate for experience any day. Some of our best athletes had zero experience in the sport when they joined, yet now they’re representing UBC and excelling at an international level.”

The UBC Thunderbirds Sport Clubs (UBC TSC) are Athletics and Recreation’s newest competitive option for UBC student athletes. Launched in September 2015, UBC TSC currently features eleven sports and thirteen teams which include: Alpine Skiing, Artistic Swimming, Cycling, Equestrian, Men’s Lacrosse, Nordic Skiing, Quidditch, Sailing, Tennis, Triathlon, and Ultimate Sport Clubs.