Intramurals Explained (Yoga Rave Edition!)

What is it!?

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where UBC Intramurals is about to give you a sweet lineup of awesome events coming this semester. To start it off, we’re going to give you a little break down on one of our most treasured annual events; Yoga Rave!

A little confusing at first but here’s a quick guide to understanding this event!

Before we start, we want to acknowledge that the term “yoga” used as part of this event is referring to only the physical movements of yoga practice. 

What EXACTLY is “Yoga Rave”?

Yoga poses, stretching, movements and exercise with bright lights, glow-in-the-dark face paint, bumpin’ music and an instructor leading you through a warm-up, yoga session, and cool-down. 

It’s probably the best study break you could ask for! 

Some of the best details? 

It’s flexible so you don’t have to be!

No mat required and no experience needed! 

When is it? 

Right before your classes start to get too hectic, this event comes swinging through on January 16th starting at 7 pm. Because there is no pre-registration for this event, be sure to arrive there at 6:15 pm for registration with your student ID. 

Where is it? 

Located at the ever-glamorous Totem Park Ballroom, 2525 West Mall! Extra easy for those of you living on campus in Totem or Orchard Commons!

The best part about the event?!?!?!


It’s FREE! 

And that’s the gist folks! We hope you have an amazing start to the new semester and hope to see you at this year’s Yoga Rave and all our other incredible events!