Get to Know esport Championship

You’d be lying if you said you never dreamed of being a Super Smash Bros. champion and now, we’re finally giving you the chance to live that dream through! 



esport Championship is one of the newest events taking place this year in collaboration with the UBC Esport Association, and we know you must all have some burning questions that need answering so here’s a rundown of what we think you need to know. If you’re ready to register now follow this link, esport Championship registration , if not keep on reading


What is the esport Championship exactly? 

3 words, 14 letters; SUPER SMASH BROS. 

Even more than that, it’s a FREE tournament in pairs that will compete throughout the event for a championship title at the top. In your pairs you will battle against other teams, using provided consoles and controllers, until we have a championship match. 

Are you a beginner gamer and worried you might get bumped too early? No worries, even if you get out within the first round of matches you will still get a chance to play against others teams in a consolation tournament. 

Did you know that there’s a difference between the Mario universe and the Super Smash Bros.? Because there most definitely is, if you’re really invested in the occasion take a moment to brush up on all of your Super Smash Bros. character knowledge and stats to figure out which character you think will help bring you to victory. 


When is it? 

The event takes place on February 1st from 12pm-8pm in the Ponderosa Ballroom, 6445 University Blvd. Luckily, it’s on a Saturday so it’s a great way (without missing classes) to wind down, have lots of fun with friends, and meet new people! 


The Most Exciting Part?!

The whole tournament builds up to 1 final legendary battle and the crowd presence is rumoured to be unreal!! The UBC Esport Association prides themselves on an unforgettable Super Smash Bros. finale. Try to stick around to the end if you have the time because you definitely won’t want to miss it!




Once you’ve found your trusty partner, sign up at esport Championship registration  before January 29th