Move More, Learn More Personal Experiences

by Renata Luchyshyna


Are you curious about fitness but aren’t sure how or where to get started? Do you want to learn how to stay healthy while still keeping up with school? Join us for Move More, Learn More!

What is Move More, Learn More?

Move More Learn More Team

Move More, Learn More is a 9-week program designed to teach you about physical activity and health. Equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.
This targeted program is open to all self-identified women, with a specific focus on catering to our Asian women student population – a group with (on average) low levels of physical activity.

For the small fee of $25 you receive:

  • A 9-week twice a week program with a variety of activities including yoga, circuit training, tennis, badminton and more!
  • 10 drop-in passes for UBC’s ARC and Birdcoop gyms
  • A Welcome Package including a towel, water bottle and bag

Important Details

  • Every Monday and Wednesday, 5-5:50pm
  • February 3rd to April 6th, 2020
  • Interactive health education on Mondays and a variety of private group activities on Wednesdays
  • All levels of physical activity welcome
  • No specialized equipment required


What is the program really like though? Read the experience of 2 roommates from the Fall 2019 program!

Ke Xu & Catherine Liu

What was your relationship with physical fitness/recreation before starting this program?

Ke Xu and Catherine Liu

Ke Xu: My only relationship with physical activity is dance. After attending this program, I am more sure that my favorite activity is dance. After I tried different activities, I found every dancing class’s time passed so fast.

Catherine Liu: Before I was a girl who did not go to gym, but after I attend this program, I know how to use the gym equipment. Therefore, I had a membership in ARC gym and went there 3 to 4 times a week.

What was your favourite part about Move More, Learn More?

Ke Xu: I really enjoy every Wednesday’s session. I think practice is the best way to keep health. In addition, it is really nice to try different activities every Wednesday. At the end of this session, I can find out the most suitable way for me to exercise.

Catherine Liu: Nutrition part (cooking in the kitchen) and the meditation, both of them gave us relaxation and I really enjoy them!

What did you learn through Move More Learn More that took you by surprise?

Catherine Liu: I was really surprised by the nutrition part of Move More Learn More. At first, I think this program will only focus on some physical activities, like running and other ball games, but when I attend this program I found that this included caring all mental, physical and food health.
How do you plan to keep physical activity in your life after the end of the program?

Ke Xu: I will keep physical activity at home. I can practice what I learned from yoga and Pilates class at home. I also download a fitness app on my phone, so I can follow the video at home.
Catherine Liu: I will keep going to gym and doing exercising at home.

How has UBC Recreation programming enhanced your UBC experience?

Ke Xu: This program is so beneficial to students. The program fee is affordable and the ten free tickets is such a good extra benefits to me. I can use all of them to attend another class for free. It is my best experience so far at UBC!

Catherine Liu: This team lets me know many places I did not know before in UBC, like tennis centre.

Register Now!

If you want to learn about how to stay fit and healthy in 2020, join us for Move More, Learn More! Spread the word and bring your friends. No experience is required and no specialized equipment is necessary! Contact for more information.

Registration closes: Wednesday January 29th, 2020