League Feature of the Week: Spiked Punch

Intramurals are back! All the leagues are operating in full swing, and we are so excited for another great term!

In our first league feature of the week, we interviewed Spiked Punch, who is an energetic and dedicated co-rec tier 2 team in the Cross Volleyball league. This team sure has the UBC spirit packed down! A fun fact they shared is that they have the official UBC Mascot on their team! Can you guess who?

If your team was a TV show, what show would it be and why?

Teletubbies because we all come from different backgrounds, and have different personalities but are fun, colourful, and ready to play.  

How did your team form?

Part of the team has been playing together for some time, and we continue to grow the team from high school friends to mutual friends. Moreover, we all come from a diverse background academically and geographically! From the faculties of Commerce and Science to the regions of the UK, Japan, France, and the United States,  our team bridges the differences on the court to play the sport we all love.  

Does the team name have any significance? 

I wish we all met by drinking around a punch bowl, but unfortunately, it did not happen this way. However, we all still love the team name “Spiked Punch”. 

What is your favourite memory of intramural volleyball or favourite part of playing volleyball?

Our favourite memories differs, from ripping a smash off the head of a tall block, to being able to come together every week to play a sport we all love and enjoy. 

How high are your hopes at a chance of winning?

We have high hopes of winning the championship as currently, we have remained undefeated within their pool. Competitors in Tier 2, watch out!!


Thanks so much to Spiked Punch for the great interview! Best of luck in your future games and hopefully winning a champion shirt!