[Applications Closed] Move U Crew 2020/2021


The Move U Crew is committed to enhancing campus wellbeing. They do this by offering movement breaks in classes, conferences and meetings, hosting guided walks, and helping to coordinate the walking challenges (Walkabout and Step It Up). Move U Crew members are “movement specialists” with experience in fitness, dance, stretching and a variety of other recreation specialties. The goal of the Move U Crew is to engage students, staff and faculty and contribute to personal and professional success on campus and beyond.


Join the Move U Crew if you want to:

  • Lead movement breaks in classrooms and meetings that encourage all participants to move more and sit less.
  • Promote, coordinate, lead, and evaluate weekly one hour guided wellness walks.
  • Support in the promotion, coordination and evaluation of the annual Move UBC campaign, a campaign to encourage campus to move more. Strategically develop relationships with student groups on campus to increase student awareness and involvement of the campaign. 
  • Contribute to the larger university commitment to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behavior on campus.
  • Acknowledge and support students and the UBC community through health education and health promotion.
  • Educate UBC’s diverse range of communities about physical activity and movement-oriented programs and services (includes hosting booths and information sessions across campus).


For more information on the Move U Crew and what we do, visit the link below: