Alangkan | Faces of Recreation

Alangkan is an undergraduate student at UBC.

“UBC Recreation is very inclusive for people of different athletic backgrounds, and there is something for everyone here. UBC Recreation has added more charisma to my UBC experience because it enabled me to be more involved in sports rather than just focus solely on academics. I do recommend UBC students to get involved in recreational sports as it’s an opportunity to destress and make new friends.”

Alangkan has actively been participating in UBC Recreation programs since his first year. During his first year he played volleyball tier 3 in the intramural leagues, and he currently participates in the drop-in volleyball sessions.

Alangkan’s Top Picks

Drop-In Volleyball

“The SRC provides convenient times for me to participate in the drop-in volleyball sport, and that the facility was very accessible to me as a student. What keeps me coming back was the opportunity to always meet new people when going to the drop-in sessions.”

UBC Recreation offers a range of drop-in sports from volleyball, basketball, badminton, and many more! Simply show up at the location about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time and check in at the front desk. There’s always an opportunity to fit some fun and exercise into your day!

Volleyball Intramural League

“My favourite memories come from being part of the volleyball intramural leagues team during my first year. That was when I got to experience the competitiveness and the varying athletic levels of other UBC students in the league. The best memory was to get to play with my team and enjoy the game while supporting each other.”

Intramural Leagues are a great way to meet new people, keep in touch with your friends each week, and connect with your different campus communities! There are many leagues, and different categories and tiers within leagues so you can pick what environment suits you best!