Get in the water! Parent/Guardian Discount

Get in the water when your child is in lessons!

As a parent / guardian, you can enjoy a discounted drop-in rate of $3.50 when your child is in swimming lessons to spend time in the drop-in swim areas, steam room, sauna, and access to the amenities that are open during the time of your child’s lesson. (Regular drop-in rate is $6.75). Present yourself at the front desk with your registered child to receive your discounted rate!

Research shows that active role modeling by parents reinforcing their own commitment to wellness, active living, and recreation greatly improves the chances that a child will remain active throughout their lifetime.

Reminder:  Registration for swim lesson programming provides access to the facility for the designated date(s)/times(s) of the lesson(s), and only for the registered participant(s). Should you and/or your child(ren) wish to swim prior to, and/or following, the swim lesson times you are asked to purchase a facility entry (ie: drop-in fee) from the front operations desk.