Storm The Wall Has Arrived

It’s Coming…

Ever dreamed of fulfilling a destiny?

Ever wondered what Hagrid meant when he said “A storm’s comin’”? (Spoiler; it had nothing to do with Voldemort & Harry)

Ever hoped you would partake in a legendary tradition that has been around forever and will continue to carry its weight into years to come? 

Well, UBC Intramurals wants to share with you all of the inside deets on North America’s largest Intramurals event which also happens to be one of UBC’s oldest and longest-standing campus traditions. 

Drumroll please…. 


STORM THE WALL 2020 has arrived!! 



This is the time to join forces with friends in your residence, classes, or clubs and have a super fun and rewarding experience before final exams begin to consume all of your time. 


As Chris Harrison might put it, “in the most dramatic season yet of [Storm The Wall]”, we ask you to imagine what might happen at this year’s event? We’ve had people participate in banana costumes, MCs break dancing through the crowds, crazy giveaways, a select few participants who have completed ultra iron heats (WOW), and others who are just there to laugh their way through the course and let the good times roll. 


A little bit about the event: 

There are 5 segments to the race; 

Swim, sprint, bike, run, and the wall! 


Participants have the choice of participating in teams of five or on their own. 

On teams, you will delegate each team member to complete each leg of the race and then together you STORM THE WALL. 

Solo participants have a few options with their competition levels but at the core, you complete each leg of the race on your own and can choose whether or not to receive assistance in getting yourself over the wall. 



When is the event?

The actual event takes place between March 21st – March 24th but registration closes March 13th. 

In order to qualify for event participation, every team must attend mandatory clinics during one of the time slots between March 16th-20th (more information on Clinics to come) 


Where is the event?

The event takes place all across UBC campus; at the Aquatic centre, along and around Main Mall, and of course the coveted ‘Wall’ will be mounted outside the Nest for the duration of the event. 

Once you’ve registered we will provide you with more details on where each team member will need to sign in day-of. 


Rain or Shine? 

But of course!! The universal UBC Intramurals mantra remains that Storm the Wall always takes place whether it be raining or shining. That being said, ask anyone whose participated or volunteered in past years and arguably the rain is one of the most authentic elements of the event, although we will definitely still be hoping for blue skies and sunshine. 


With all that, we hope to see you all there!!!