Alison | Faces of Recreation

Alison is an undergraduate student at UBC.

“It is not only enjoyable and relaxing, but is also free for students!”

Alison has participated in UBC Recreation programs since her first year, for the purpose of relaxation and de-stressing. She became involved after dropping in at table tennis and badminton sessions with friends.

Alison’s  Top Pick

Drop-In Table Tennis

“Because of UBC Recreation, I get to play table tennis more frequently; and play other drop-in sports as well. UBC Rec has up-to-date facilities, and is a good way for students (especially on campus) to play sports!”

UBC Recreation offers a range of drop-in sports from volleyball, basketball, badminton, and many more! Simply show up at the location about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time and check in at the front desk. There’s always an opportunity to fit some fun and exercise into your day!