2020 UBC Triathlon Duathlon Race Schedule

Here is the overall race schedule for the UBC Triathlon. Individuals can find their heat times here.

Participants’ heat times will be finalized on Wednesday, March 4th at 11:59 PM – please double check your race time prior to race day!


Heat Time
Olympic A 7:00 AM
Olympic B 7:40 AM
Olympic C 8:15 AM
Duathlon 8:15 AM
Olympic D 8:55 AM
Sprint A 9:10 AM
Sprint B 9:40 AM
Sprint C 10:00 AM
Sprint D 10:20 AM
Sprint E 10:40 AM
Sprint F 11:00 AM
Short A 11:00 AM
Sprint G 11:15 AM
Short B 11:20 AM
Sprint H 11:30 AM
Short C 11:40 AM
Sprint I 11:45 AM
Youth Triathlon 12:00 PM
WCUTC (Collegiate) 12:00 PM
Relay Triathlon 12:15 PM
Kids Aquathon 12:15 PM