The Best Tip to Not Get Injuried


Now that the term is ending soon, and the Flag Football Point Grey League finals and all the other Intramural finals are closing in, we want all of our participants to stay safe while playing, and not get injured. Competing in the playoffs and finals is an amazing thing and we don’t want anybody to miss out on it.

You might be wondering, what is the best thing you can do to not get injured during your games, even if you go all in to get the win your team needs? Well, search no more because we got you covered. We didn’t search the web for the best tips and tricks, fake news is a thing, and so we asked our amazing participants for their own mix into how not to get injured before the finals.

All our participants believe that having a good pre-game warm-up is key to not injure yourself.

One of our participants, and also one of our best officials out there believes that arriving between 20-30 minutes before the game to warm up is ideal to stay safe. He always asks his team to be that early and gets them to run around the field for a bit. They also stretch their entire body, especially their feet and arms, as well as do some practice runs of their most important plays. He believes running such plays gets his teammates to warm up and prepare for what is about to come. Another participant goes with a more planned out approach, he first stretches, then does a few minutes of cardio, then stretches again, and finally does some high interval movements. He also mentioned drinking a lot of water before the game to get his body ready for the big leagues.

We hope you found this piece to be useful, and please stay safe out there! We all want to be the best and win the great cup, but let’s remember that our safety is always at the top of our priority list, and nothing should change that.


Happy sporting!