League Feature of the Week: The Resistance

Welcome back to another league feature! This week we interviewed one of the teams in the Ultimate League.

The Ultimate Frisbee team of the week is none other than “The Resistance”. This team without fail is one of Ultimate’s most sportsmanlike and kind groups of people. They hold spirit circles after every game, form friendships with their opponents and make ultimate an even more connected community. All this kindness doesn’t come at the cost of their play. They are fierce on the pitch and are the first semester reigning champions! I sat down and got the insider scoop from the resistance’s very own Alex Driedger.


Congratulations on being Ultimate’s team of the week! How do you feel?

I mean, it’s really exciting. It’s a really big deal to be the team of the week in UBC Rec, Div 2, ultimate frisbee.


Huge, huge, I see big success in your future. When did you start playing and how did your team come together?

Our team has been playing for a couple of years together. It’s mostly engineering students and then we’ve been adding people in over the years. We have people from a couple of different years and most of us know each other from engineering.


Oh ok so each of you have brought in a few friends as the years have gone on? Like you had your core group and built up on that?

Ya basically. It’s mostly electrical and computer engineering students but we have a whole variety of engineering students now and a couple of others as well.


Very cool! What’s your go to pregame meal?

Um, I mean it’s a good week if I’ve made some slow cooker pulled pork.


Oh wow that’s fancy, most people say MacDonald’s so pulled pork is definitely a step up from that. We recently wrote an article about spirit circles and I noticed the Resistance always does a spirit circle so what does that mean to you guys?

So a spirit circle is something in ultimate frisbee because Ultimate frisbee is a super wholesome sport with lots of spirit and everyone’s really friendly and so you basically all get together in a circle with the other team at the end of the game and talk about what the other team did well and about what you enjoyed in the game and just have a wholesome time together. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other and build friendships with other teams.


I’m sensing a “wholesome theme”. What’s your favourite part about playing in the Ultimate league?

One of the things that I really like about Ultimate is that it’s very friendly to people of all skill levels and so even if you’re new to frisbee or haven’t really played that many organized sports, it’s pretty easy to get into it. As long as someone is pretty good at throwing, they can usually throw to where you’re going to be open. So as long as you’re decently athletic, its really friendly to everyone super nice so it makes it really welcoming.


 That’s awesome. it’s nice to have such an inclusive sport. That’s all I have for you today. Thank you so much Alex!