University Blvd Lot OPEN

University Blvd Lot:   Visitors to the UBC Aquatic Centre are reminded that they have access to a centrally located underground parking lot for their short-term needs with direct access just steps from the UBC Aquatic Centre. Vehicle entrance to the University Blvd Lot is via University Boulevard adjacent the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre and AMS Nest. This parking option provides 100+ parking stalls, has wheelchair accessible stalls, elevator access and a number of electric vehicle charging stations.  Whereas this is also an ideal location for drop-off and pick-up of children over 12 years of age, drivers are not to leave their vehicles unattended in this area without parking.  You can access and download a map or print a copy prior to your visit.

Visitors are reminded to please consult the UBC Aquatic Centre website and Drop-In Schedules prior to any visit.