Storm The Wall: Prep Guide

Storm The Wall is upon us

We want to make navigating everything storm related as simple as possible for everyone! 

There’s a ton of resources out in the universe right now with the goal of making it as easy as possible for you to register and prepare for the event successfully and we hope to cover some more basics in this post to get you feeling prepped and ready! 

If you already feel ready to go, register here.


First Things First

To start off, we want to distinguish the difference between your two participation options; Team and Ironperson. 


  • Consist of 5 persons plus an additional substitute or import in case it’s needed. 
  • Two team options: Just For Fun (more affectionately known as JFF), and Competitive.



  • Completes every leg of the race themselves 
  • May or may not choose to have a wall person at the wall to assist them in getting over the wall. 
  • Your options as an Ironperson are; Ironpersons, Ultra Ironperson, Iron Legends



Now, let’s take a look at the breakdown of distances for each team type to give you a visual of what each team member or leg of the race will consist of. 

For more information on team makeups and rules visit this page


Moving onto CLINICS!! 🙂 

Once you’ve picked your team, registered and the excitement begins to kick in, you must make sure you’re registered for a clinics time that works for at least one team member to attend. 

Storm the wall clinics run through from Sunday, March 15th – Thursday, March 19th. In order to complete your registration you would have been asked to select a date and time that work best for you and/or your team. Clinics are MANDATORY. They include a safety presentation and will give you and your team a chance to practice at the wall with help from wall spotters and other UBC Recreation staff before race days. 

Please make sure that at the very minimum, your team sends 1 person to attend the safety presentations in the clinic dates or else your team will not qualify to compete in the actual event. The safety presentations cover all relevant event details including; route maps, safety tips, regulations, and fun things to look forward to in the festival area.



Still Hesitant? 

Don’t be! But, we also realize that it might still seem a little intimidating so incase you want some extra words of encouragement, read what a past participant, Taras has to say about his first time Storming the wall. 



Taras heard of Storm the Wall in his first year and decided to just go for it. What was the feeling of getting over the wall like for him?

“It’s that feeling of uncertainty, of not knowing whether you’re going to make it. Then being so happy and excited when your friends pull you up to get you on top of that wall, and you want to stand up (even though you’re not allowed to!) … you just feel like you’re on top of the world.”


Don’t Miss out!

Registration closes on March 13th, so be sure to register here before spots fill up!