UBC TSC Artistic Swimming Wrap-up!

Happy end of the semester! Although the TSC Awards Banquet and End of Year Watershow may have been cancelled, it has been one of UBC TSC Artistic Swimming’s best seasons yet. Alongside hosting nationals to 23 clubs across Canada, the club had the most swimmers ever on their roster with 30 swimmers competing in 4 different teams, 2 solos and 1 duet.


Starting the year off after four months of building endurance and choreography, UBC hosted their Annual Winter Watershow. While this was a short time frame to get all of the routines polished, everyone was excited to showcase all the hard work they had put in so far. With a record-breaking number of guests attending, UBC had a fun time hosting the show and giving out raffle prizes from all their generous sponsors.

Photo Cred: Jon Hayduk Photography

Come mid-January, the teams were all ready to head out and fly to Edmonton to compete at Westerns! It was a jam-packed weekend with everyone flying out and competing all their routines the following day. The Shark Advanced Team came in first place, becoming Western Champions for the 3rd year in a row, and the Blue Advanced Team had an amazing and sharp swim with a fourth-place finish. In the advanced solo category, Tim came in 5th place with a first-time swim in the experienced category after competing in the novice category for the past 4 years.

With many first-time competitors, the novice athletes did an incredible job showing how all the hard work they put in this season had paid off. The Supermodels Novice Team placed 2nd with a tight clean swim, and the Kingsman Novice Team used their musicality and synchronization to swim their way to bronze. In the category of extra routines, Natalie performed elegantly, placing 1st on behalf of UBC in Novice Solo. Additionally, first time duet partners, Triyana and Penny, scored 2nd place with their tight synchronization.

After weeks of nitpicking all the routines following Westerns, it was time for UBC to compete in the last meet of the season at our home pool at UBC. It was an amazing opportunity to get to represent UBC amongst athletes from across Canada. The meet was a major success all thanks to the many volunteers, TSC, and, of course, the meet managers/club leads Angie and Jocelyn. They all went above and beyond to make sure everything ran smoothly and according to plan.

Photo Cred: Jon Hayduk Photography

Throughout the weekend, all of UBC’s routines did a fantastic job at demonstrating the teams’ skills. Each team had amazing swims to show with one of UBC’s Novice Teams (Kingsman Team) bringing home the bronze for UBC in the novice team category and one of UBC’s Advanced Teams (Shark Team) placing 4th.

This year we celebrated the TSC awards virtually with awards given out through email. UBC Artistic Swimming was a finalist both for the ‘Team of the Year’ award and ‘Executive Team of the Year’. This was largely thanks to two of the Student Leadership Award finalists and Co-Club Leads, Angie and Jocelyn. Alongside these awards, Natasha won a well-deserved Team Sportsmanship Award and Advanced Team member Nicole was a finalist for Female Rookie of the Year.

Photo Cred: Jon Hayduk Photography

This season would not have been possible without the amazing work by both our executive team and coaches. Their countless hours and commitment toward making the pool a positive environment for swimmers was the reason why this year was such a success. Thank you for the continual dedication allowing us all to share these unforgettable memories!

While it is sad to see this season end so soon, we are excited to make next season equally as amazing and we look forward to seeing you in September!