How to incorporate movement while working or studying from home

We’ve heard it many times over the past couple of weeks, but it is truly a crazy time to be alive. We have all undergone a handful of changes to our life’s structure and routine, making this a challenging time for many. One thing we can do to support our mental health is to practice mindful movement. Incorporating movement while working from home will allow you to foster better mental and physical health, by reducing stress levels, increasing energy, and making you feel grounded in the present.

Here are some ways you can start moving:

Allocate a portion of every hour (or so) to stand up, stretch, and walk around

We’ve adapted to walking around our large campus between our classes, so find a way to remind yourself to stand up and walk for a bit between working hours. Try out one of the Move U Crew movement breaks posted occasionally through the UBC Recreation Instagram page.

Walk through your neighborhood or through the closest park, whilst practicing physical distancing

This allows you to get some fresh air, get your head and body outside of that work zone, and feel refreshed. If you are unable to walk outside, perhaps open a window and take some deep breaths.


As written in a previous post, play your favorite uplifting tunes and get your groove on! You can even video call your friends and make it a virtual night out!

Create an at-home workout

All you really need is some space to move and perform bodyweight exercises (such as push ups, crunches, squats, etc.).

Browse YouTube for a physical activity you enjoy doing or have been planning to do

Be it yoga, pilates, any type of dance, martial arts, whatever is enjoyable for you to do. There is no better time to try something new!

Sign up online for virtual workout sessions (some are free!)

There are lots of classes that have moved online so people in the community can still enjoy them at home. Some of them include UBC Rec Virtual classes, Modo Yoga, Baza Dance, TurF, and Barre Belle.