Recorded Play & Learn Sessions: Ages 6-8

Missed out on live Play & Learn sessions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with recordings of each session! Be sure to look at the required equipment before starting the video to enjoy the full experience. Check back each week for new additions.


Date Activity Instructor Required Equipment/Preparations
June 1
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Get Grooving!

Join DANCEPL3Y for a high-energy program that “plays” with dance while promoting positive mental health.

Ashley Dias, DancePL3Y Active wear, space to move & play, positive attitude, and water bottle.
June 3
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Fitness Fun for Kids

Get active as you build mind-body awareness with lots of fun movements and important stretching techniques!

Pixie-Ann Mathura, UBC Fitness Throw pillow and water bottle.


Date Activity Instructor Required Equipment/Preparations
May 4
Play Again!

Watercolour Wonders!

Get messy and find your artistic groove! Join Kiana and learn five new watercolour techniques to paint like a pro.

Kiana Fraser, UBC Camps Store bought watercolours, or homemade watercolours (see recipe here), paintbrush(es), water in a cup or bowl for rinsing brushes, salt, papers, paper towel & tissue paper (e.g., Kleenex), masking or painter’s tape, rubbing alcohol & Q-tips, and white / light crayon
May 6
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Delightful Densities!

How do giant boats avoid sinking? Discover why things float! Explore the science of density and how it affects us.

Sarah Reny, UBC Geering Up 4-6 small jars or glasses, water, salt, sugar, food colouring or water based paint, and a fork for stirring
May 11
Play Again!

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk!

Use simple kitchen ingredients to create your own sidewalk chalk for sunny weather fun and games!

Kiana Fraser, UBC Camps 4 cups cornstarch, 4 cups of water, 2 food colouring colours, and empty ice-cube tray.
May 13
Play Again!

Gymnastics Kids: Jump, Land & Stick

Learn fun gymnastics jumps! Safe landing techniques will be covered. Build strength and movement confidence!

Kari Brackenbury, UBC Kinesiology Active Kids Yoga mat or blanket and a step or a box to jump off of (optional)
May 20
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Make Your Own Musical Instrument!

Make musical instruments with simple household items and learn about the science of sound and music!

Alex May, UBC Physics & Astronomy Camps A thick, strong blade of grass, two jumbo craft sticks, wide rubber band (the kind useD to bundle broccoli), two smaller, narrower rubber bands, paper (two strips about 1cm wide by 20 cm long).
May 25
Play Again!

Beaks & Feathers

Learn all about birds, from their beaks to their feet! Explore outside and identify the different species!

Christiane Smoroden, Wild & Immersive Optional: writing utensil and paper.
May 27
Play Again!

Story Telling Yoga for Kids

Learn introductory yoga poses and breathing exercises to encourage a calm mind and improve motor skills.

Kiana Fraser, UBC Camps Yoga Mat (towel or blanket works too), space to move around in, stretchy clothes, water bottle.


Date Activity Instructor Required Equipment/Preparations
April 8
Play Again!

Physical Literacy Skills

Enjoy a warm-up game, ladder-based exercises and storytelling!

Kiana Fraser, UBC Camps Small ball (crumpled piece of paper works) and rulers, scarves that lay flat or sticky notes to create a sports ladder.
April 15
Play Again!
Mindset Masters:
Explore brain science and a mindfulness activity to develop an ‘I CAN DO IT’ attitude!
Elyse Cochrane, Dolphin Kids Paper, writing utensil (pencil, pencil crayons, and/or markers).
April 20
Play Again!

Musical Theatre: Perform & Play

Sing, dance and play with fun animal-themed activities for your inner star!

Natalie Marshall, UBC Camps Dress up as your favourite animal.
April 22
Play Again!

Plants and Pollinators

Explore the connection between these flowers, bees, butterflies and birds in celebration of Earth Day.

Tara Moreau, UBC Botanical Gardens Children are encouraged to wear their favourite colour and bring some paper and colouring materials.
April 27
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Saving Our Oceans

Learn how trash from the land can end up in our oceans through this fun, and messy, hands-on activity!

Paloma Corvalan, Sea Smart A few sheets of printer paper, markers, a large bowl with ~ 1.5 cups of water, a baking tray or other tray that has a lip, food colouring in small dropper bottles or water-based paint, and clothing that is okay to get messy. Optional: a spray bottle of water. Some children might need assistance or supervision.
April 29
Play Again!

Intro to Gymnastics Movements

Get moving and stretching in this introduction to gymnastics with skill progressions for beginners!

Kari Brackenbury, UBC Kinesiology Active Kids Yoga mat or blanket, pillows, sofa or sturdy chair, 6×6 ft clear area.