Recorded Play & Learn Sessions: Ages 9-12

Missed out on live Play & Learn sessions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with recordings of each session! Be sure to look at the required equipment before starting the video to enjoy the full experience. Check back each week for new additions.


Date Activity Instructor Required Equipment/Preparations
June 2
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Duct Tape Wallets

Use your DIY skills in this wallet-making duct tape session to increase independence and money management skills!

Kiana Fraser, UBC Camps Scissors, duct tape (1 or more colours), ruler, 1 library card (or bank card for measuring purposes), and sharpie (or an easy to read marker that will write on duct tape).
June 4
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Not so “Artificial” Intelligence

Dive into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to see how computers can mimic human behaviours through Machine Learning!

Sarah Reny, UBC Geering Up Laptop and 5-10 miscellaneous objects.


Date Activity Instructor Required Equipment/Preparations
May 5
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Kids Aquafit

Join Meaghan for kids aquafit from her living room pool! Perfect for those missing the pool. Get active and silly.

Meaghan Kennedy, UBC Aquatics Centre Throw on your swimsuit and bring your water (bottle) and dumbbells (cans of food). You’ll need space to move around safely.
May 7
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Intro Sailing for Kids

Learn the basics of sailing with MacSailing! Practise seafaring knots, so you are set to explore the high seas!

Jens Persson-Thomas, MacSailing Lifejacket or something similar such as a ski vest (optional) and a piece of rope, cord or even a shoelace (required for knot tying).
May 12
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Windowsill Gardening

Create a DIY windowsill garden using organic kitchen scraps. Learn to grow food and reduce waste!

Maya Jokhi, UBC Camps 1 bell pepper, 1 head romaine lettuce, 2-3 strawberries, dirt, small spray bottle / watering can, small pots or assorted containers for planting (empty yogurt containers work!), popsicle sticks, pen/ marker, small plastic cup, safety scissors, toothpicks, spoon, 1 mason jar, bowl, 6-12 empty eggshells (optional), and egg carton (optional).
May 14
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Hand/Eye Coordination Games

Learn baseball basics with simple skill building drills and games to play at home equipment! All levels welcome.

Jeremy Newton, UBC Baseball Pair of socks (or baseball), small towel or cloth, broomstick or baseball bat.
May 19
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Fancy Figure Skating

Learn introductory figure skating skills in your living room with two cool UBC skating instructors!

Hanna Van Inmegen & Rose Punsky, UBC Skating Programs Space to move around in (with flat ground) and shoes or non-slip socks.
May 21
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I’m Unstoppable!

Brainstorm, get creative, and set goals in this activity! Learn brain facts and create your own vision board!

Elyse Cochrane, Dolphin Kids Paper, writing utensil (pencil, pencil crayons, and/or markers).
May 26
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Citizen Science and Butterfly Biology

Learn how to observe, identify and draw common butterflies you see in the Metro Vancouver area!

Tara Moreau, UBC Botanical Gardens Participants are encouraged to bring paper and colouring materials for drawing butterflies.
May 28
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Building a Mason Bee House

Build a mason bee house for your neighbourhood’s solitary bees while learning all about these cool insects!

Kate Hodgson, UBC Farm Parchment paper, or paper that can be rolled [paper bags work great!], a clean, dry soup can or carton with the top cut off, tape, pen or pencil, scissors, string, and decorations of your choice for your house [paint, stickers].


Date Activity Instructor Required Equipment/Preparations
April 9
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Superhero Dance Party

Forget 5-6-7-8 or right foot/left foot combos- there are only 3 rules in this class; Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself!

Ashley Dias, DANCEPL3Y Children are encouraged to dress up like their favourite superhero!
April 14
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Tracks and Scats

Children will learn how to identify 7 different animal tracks as well as their scats in a fun, interactive way.

Christiane Smoroden, Wild & Immersive Optional: writing utensil and paper.
April 16
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Craft Your Own ‘Cheer-makers’

Join us as we create a 7pm cheer-maker: a kazoo and one very eccentric noisemaker!

Kiana Fraser, UBC Camps 1 toilet paper roll, wax paper, scissors, felt pens, paper (decoration), 2 elastic bands, 2 balloons, 1 paper clip, 1 disposable plastic cup, cotton string or yarn (1 piece, about 2ft, or 1m, long), 1 sheet of paper towel.
April 21
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Crepes & Fixings

Join Cristel, a registered dietitian, as she shows you how to make crepe batter and toppings for a delicious family dessert!

Cristel Moubark, nutriFoodie Recipe and instructions. Please note: participants will only be preparing the batter (not cooking it on a stovetop, as the batter needs to set first and should be cooked with a parent/guardian present); fixings optional and prepared as desired after the live stream.
April 23
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Stop-motion Animation

Create and animate your own story using only a smartphone app!

Shaghayegh Haghdoust, The Cinematheque A smartphone with “Stop Motion Studio” (free app for iPhone and Android), and household objects that you would like to feature in your film: toys, Legos, fruits, rocks, plants, anything that sparks your creativity!
April 28
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Ocean Pollution Kahoot

Discover more about marine animals, ocean health and the effects of pollution on ocean health.

Paloma Corvalan, Sea Smart A secondary device to play Kahoot (i.e., one device to use for Zoom Live Stream, and another device to play Kahoot with Paloma).
April 30
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Intro to Comics

Learn the basics of how to turn your creativity into an easy to read, fun to create masterpiece.

Alyssa Hirose, UBC Camps A pencil, an eraser, blank paper, scissors. Optional: a ruler, pencil crayons, a fine-liner.