Walkabout from Home Challenge!


Welcome to Walkabout from Home! This 13-week challenge from May 3rd to August 1st is an extension of this year’s Walkabout walking challenge. Walkabout is an annual 9-week wellbeing challenge promoting regular physical activity while staying socially connected.








With the success of Walkabout 2020, Walkabout from Home is a chance to keep this momentum going and encourage you to start bringing movement into your day or continue moving while physical distancing from home. While participating in Walkabout from Home, it is important that you follow physical distancing recommendations such as staying within your neighborhood and maintaining 2 meters from others at all times.





On the Walkabout from Home website, you’ll find a tracking spreadsheet which you can use to track your daily steps! There is also a page to convert other types of physical activity to their step equivalents so you can include all your movement in this challenge. If you wish to create step challenges with your friends, the spreadsheet includes a space to do this.

Completed spreadsheets must be submitted to physical.activity@ubc.ca by the end of the day on Tuesday, August 4th for entry into a draw to win the grand prize! This prize is a workout set which includes a lululemon yoga mat, a Move UBC bag, a towel, an exercise band and a water bottle.

If you have any questions, feel free to email physical.activity@ubc.ca.

Happy Walkabout from Home!