7 Things to do for your Mom on Mother’s Day!

We all know that since the start of the quarantine every day has felt the same. Days turned into weeks and suddenly we’ve been at home for over a month, Mother’s Day is around the corner and you have no idea what to do! Here are 7 useful ideas of what you can do with or for your mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Let her start her day off right by sleeping in and a nice breakfast in bed. Whether it’s burnt toast and a questionable cup of coffee or a breakfast quiche and a Starbucks worthy Cappuccino, she’ll appreciate the gesture and enjoy having breakfast right from the comfort of her bed.

2. Do an Online Fitness Class Together

Is your mom more of the sporty type? There are tons of online fitness classes and Youtube videos you can follow along together and get your blood pumping! Anything from bootcamp to K-pop dancing. Get some exercise with your mom!

3. DIY Spa Day

Give your mom the spa treatment she deserves for the queen that she is! Grab your coziest robes and slippers and do an at home mani-pedi, make some DIY face masks, or even homemade bath bombs if you’re feeling bold.

4. At Home Paint Night

No need for professional Bob Ross skills here! Order some canvases, paint and brushes, find your choice of painting tutorials on Youtube (I recommend Fluid Pour Painting for beginners) and you’re ready to paint the night away with your favorite lady.

Bonus points if you do a surprise reveal of your masterpieces in the end.

5. Get Mom A Meal Subscription

For all those foody moms out there, there are tons of meal subscription services that will deliver fresh ingredients right to your door for a delicious meal! Try out services like Fresh Prep or HelloFresh that offer plenty of variety for meals no matter your food restrictions.

6. Living Room Movie Night

Bring the movie theater straight to your living room for a VIP worthy movie experience! Decorate your living room in fairy lights, cozy blankets and all the throw pillows you can find. Choose a movie (mom’s choice obviously), then get your snacks, drinks and cozy up!

7. Make a Succulent Terrarium Together

There is no better time than now to start a mini succulent garden! Many of the materials can be found right in your backyard or house like jars, rocks and moss but there are many plant delivery services available online that will deliver plants and other necessary materials right to your door! Ready for you and your mom to arrange and decorate.