Musqueam Walks


Welcome to Musqueam Walks!

We invite the Musqueam community to join us in this fun walking challenge to see how far we can collectively walk across Hwy 1!

What is Musqueam Walks?

This 9 week walking program is inspired by the annual Walkabout program that strives to promote health and wellbeing through regular exercise in social settings. By tracking your weekly steps and submitting them, we’ll tally up all participants step’s and see how far across Hwy 1 we can collectively go! This program aims to get you moving more and having fun while you’re doing it! For more information on the Walkabout program click here.

What should you expect?

Using a phone app, a fit bit or a pedometer, you’ll track your steps every week and record them in a provided spreadsheet.

If you have completed physical activities other than walking or runing, you can use this chart to convert your activity into steps! Things like going for a hike, playing soccer or attending the Wednesday Lunch Time Fitness Classes would all count towards your steps.

At the end of the week, you’ll submit your step count through a Qualtrics survey you’ll receive by email. By keeping track of your weekly steps, let’s see how far across Hwy 1 we can collectively go!

You can also expect some fun photo challenges to get you moving and exploring, prizes and more!


Who can participate?

This free program is geared towards members of the Musqueam community.

Have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact


Register online here!

This program is in partnership with the Musqueam Community Centre and First Nations House of Learning.


Our Progress Aross Highway 1!

We’ve made it from Victoria, BC to Bruce Mines, ON and walked a total of  4083km!