Daily Acts of Self-Care

After experiencing various lifestyle changes, it’s still important to take care of yourself: mind, body, and spirit. Self-care is meant to refuel us, and it isn’t a selfish act. By addressing our needs, we are able to take better care of ourselves, and in turn, take care of others as well.


Here are some ways to incorporate habits of self-care on a daily basis. In order to truly benefit from the following activities, it is important to be present and truly give yourself the time to indulge in your own care.


“Physical” acts of self-care

These acts ensure your body is happy and nourished. Acts like eating nutrient dense food and getting enough rest, as well as putting on a face mask and taking a bath are important to the foundation of your body’s wellbeing.


Write down everything from your mind without judgment. By creating a distance between your thoughts and yourself, you can better understand your thoughts and feelings, and what triggers make you feel that way. This also helps to clear your mind, so it is not continuously overwhelmed.

From Time Management Ninja


Simple movement—such as walking, dancing, following a work-out session online—helps you connect with your body and feel more present. Movement creates a rush of endorphins and dopamine, regulating and improving your mood.

Talk to loved ones

By sharing parts of your life to those close to your heart, you develop a stronger sense of belonging. This allows you to feel more fulfilled and at ease, even when going through a rough day.


Expressing yourself

Whether this is through smiles, laughter, or tears, accept your emotions and express yourself. It’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling; it is all valid.

At least one activity that makes you happy 

This may be baking, listening to music, playing a video game, watching your favourite series, and/or reading a book. Whatever it is that helps you wind down—do it, and do it with the intention of going back to yourself.