COVID-19 Update on Intramural League Sports

When school starts this fall, life will be a little different and so to will intramural leagues sports. For the safety of the community, UBC Recreation’s usual offering of 10 leagues will not immediately be available; however, two new leagues are launching!

eSports League

The eSports League features three different games (FIFA 20, NHL 20, and Rocket League) for students to connect with other UBC gamers. Choose whether you’re on a team with your friends or prove your ability in solo match-ups. In a distanced world, video games remain a great way to be engaged with the community and the eSports League is built so that you can connect solely with others at UBC.

NOTE: Requirements to play include console (PS4 or Xbox One), game(s), and high-speed internet connection.

Lawn Sports League

Looking for something fun and new to try? Try the new lawn sport league! This league is held on weekends at the MacInnes Family field. Teams are comprised of idndvuals within their social circle, and compete against other teams in a variety of fun lawn sports! Whether you participate in a competitive team or just-for-fun, it’s guaranteed to be a memorable experience for you and your friends!

We continue to monitor and follow the guidelines of local health authorities that will enable us to return soon with our usual league offerings:

  • Inner Tube Water Polo League
  • Cross Volleyball League
  • Handley Cup Soccer League
  • Nitobe Basketball League
  • Point Grey Football League
  • SRC Futsal League
  • The Ultimate League
  • Todd Ice Hockey League
  • UBC Rec Dodgeball League
  • 4v4 Soccer League