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TSC Triathlon ZOOMing into the School Year


With the new school year in full swing and tryouts just around the corner, TSC Triathlon is reflecting on a successful end to summer and looking forward to an exciting year ahead!


Longest Week of the Year

As …

UBC TSC Women’s Ultimate Season Update

As the school year continues and with COVID-19’s continual spread, it may be possible that this season will be quite similar to how our last season ended: too quickly. With this global pandemic, we can never really predict how things …

UBC TSC Lacrosse Partners with the CLL

UBC TSC Lacrosse Partners with the CLL

With a new season brings new exciting news! The UBC Thunderbirds Lacrosse Sport Club has entered a partnership with the Canadian Lacrosse League (CLL) to support the growth of UBC’s Lacrosse program and increase the collective attention of college lacrosse

UBC TSC Equestrians 2020-2021 Season Update

With classes back in session (virtually) and a return to a somewhat normal schedule of online school and homework, members of the UBC TSC Equestrian team have been longing to get back in the saddle and back in the show

Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleeping Habits

Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleeping Habits

It’s easy to lose a sense of time now that the sun sets later and we spend the majority, if not all, of our days at home. However, it is beneficial to integrate healthy sleeping habits in order to wake …

Healthy Habits That Don’t Have To Do With Exercising!

Healthy Habits That Don’t Have To Do With Exercising!

There is an abundance of benefits from daily movement, however, there are other habits you can also focus on to improve your overall health.


Practice the 20/20/20 rule for your eyes

After taking our classes online and working from …

Meet the UBC TSC Nordic Ski Team Execs!

As we approach the end of the first month of school, our execs are well on their way to planning out the rest of the ski season. But who are the execs you might ask? Well, we would love to

UBC TSC Table Tennis Club – Fall 2020 Updates

As Covid-19 continues to spread, our first year as a TSC Club is going to be different from what we expected. But nothing can stop our passion for table tennis, and we have some updates about tryouts, practices and competitions!!…

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2020 Summer Highlights From the UBC TSC Women’s Tennis Team

The summer of 2020 was certainly a new experience, riddled with distancing protocols, protective masks and “social bubbles”. Nonetheless, the UBC TSC Women’s Tennis athletes still managed to safely enjoy the long days of sun, making the most out of