Shake up your Routine with a Fitness Class!

It’s no secret that being active has many positive benefits on the body and mind, but what if you don’t like going to the gym? Try a fitness class instead! Fitness classes are a great way to change up your routine, or continue in a sport that you are passionate about.

UBC Recreation offers a wide variety of fitness classes that feature high-energy music and a social atmosphere. You can either register for a series of classes ranging from ballet to Kickboxing, or purchase a Fitness Classes Membership to get access to unlimited Boot Camps,  Spin Classes, and Yoga Classes every week!


Register by September 27 to reserve your spot!


They’re numerous classes each week to get you moving and to shake up your fitness routine! Classes are scheduled in the morning, during lunch, or at the end of the day. Check out the online schedules for a class that best suits your schedule!