Run/Roll/Walk Series Blog – Week 2!

Welcome to the Run/Roll/Walk Series blog! As the first two weeks of school have come and gone, for a lot of people, including myself, things seem more unfamiliar than ever. There will be no Day of the Longboat, no chance for you to walk into the wrong class in the middle of a lecture, and no opportunity to talk to your crush at the Homecoming football game that you have attended for the last three years (and watched for a combined total of three minutes). As challenging as it’s been, the pandemic has also created new experiences and opportunities in a period where we’ve been forced to challenge ourselves and expand on our “normal” lives. Regardless of whether the last six months have been some of the most memorable, or some of the toughest you’ve been through, on behalf of the whole Run/Roll/Walk Series team, I would like to congratulate you on taking the first step towards this new challenge.

Hopefully, throughout the semester our challenges will provide you with a fun and unique way to get away from the books and out of the house. For those of you who need some extra motivation on those rainy days, and maybe a bit of retail therapy, every week we’ll be giving out prizes from your favorite stores (yes, lululemon). During week one, participants from all across the world tossed on their backpacks and recreated familiar journeys from the UBC campus. Some of them made the 1 km sprint across Main Mall, others took on the Homecoming Trek, and few brave souls even recreated the iconic Wreck Beach stair climb.

Week Two Challenge

Week two’s challenge of creating Strava Art begins right now, so start planning! I will be drawing an immaculate portrait of Santa Ono by running circles around my local field and undoubtedly receiving many strange looks from people passing by. Can you top that? Make sure to follow the Facebook Event to engage with our team and the other participants!

Exercise isn’t just good for your physical health, there’s a lot of other benefits that can come along with it. Over the course of my life, exercise has helped me meet many of my best friends and build a sense of community and belonging that I haven’t found anywhere else. Even if we can’t be together in person, everyone who is taking part in this challenge is part of a community with a shared goal of taking that first step towards improving who we are today. Hopefully this can become a positive and welcoming space for all of us to meet some new friends.

Once again, on behalf of the entire team, welcome and thank you for joining this community!