Meet the UBC TSC Nordic Ski Team Execs!

As we approach the end of the first month of school, our execs are well on their way to planning out the rest of the ski season. But who are the execs you might ask? Well, we would love to fill you in on who runs our team and what makes them so special!


Name: Mykal Baker-Westeinde

Role: Club Lead

Program: 3rd Year Engineering Physics

Fun Fact: I’m living in France for the first semester because why not? COVID eh?



Name: Claire Grall

Role: Finance Officer

Program: 3rd Year Physiology

Fun Fact: Primoz Roglic’s biggest fan



Name: Katia Lumb

Role: Travel and Safety Officer

Program: 3rd Year Applied Animal Biology

Fun Fact: Need to teach a cat how to sit? You know where to find me.



Name: Wassim Ghazi

Role: Sponsorship Officer

Program: 3rd Year Philosophy 

Fun Fact: Talk to me in Norwegian. I dare you. 



Name: Alison Pouw

Role: MarComm Officer

Program: 4th Year Chemical Engineering, Minor Commerce 

Fun Fact: I ran my first marathon in Madrid (and beat Mykal)




A HUGE shout out to our coach Chelsea Little for being an integral part of our leadership team as well! If you haven’t been following out instagram profiling the members of our team, toss us a follow! Check out our exec profiles and stay tuned for athlete bios for the rest of the team in the next few weeks!