Week 1 Challenge Series Overview

The Week 1 challenge series are here and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store! First thing’s first:

How to make a challenge submission:

  1. Once you’ve completed your chosen challenge(s), please navigate to the @ubcrec Instagram account for your submission!
  2.  Make your submission via a direct message to @ubcrec. Please specify what challenge your submission is for (example: “Be Creative: Trick Shot Challenge”). 
  3. If you are submitting a photo or video, please make sure you press the ‘image’ icon on the right hand side of your screen and add to the DM. Make sure the file is completely uploaded!

Get pumped and remember, all week 1 submissions are due by Friday, October 2 @ 11:59pm. Check back on Saturday with Instagram for answers and highlights! Disclaimer: by sending in a submission, you are providing UBC Recreation Intramurals permission to use your content.

Here’s how you can get involved in this week’s challenges:

Get Creative

Trick Shot Challenge

Are you looking for something fun to do in between zoom lectures? Now’s your chance to score big with the Trick Shot Challenge. Time to get creative and send in your best trick shot videos! Nothing is off limits and we encourage you to be as innovative as possible.

Directions for the challenge:

  1. Place a camera close to target to ensure clear visibility.
  2. Film your trick shot (max. 15 seconds)
  3. Submit your video via direct message to @ubcrec on Instagram by Friday, October 2nd at 11:59pm

Check out some of the examples below by our UBC Varsity athletes. Stay posted because at the end of the week, our favourite submissions will be featured on our instagram!


Make sure to check out our THIS or THAT infographic below and let us know what kind of Zoom student you are by circling your choices and posting to your Instagram story.

Directions for the challenge:

  1. Right click on the image to save it.
  2. Circle which one applies to you.
  3. ost it on your story on Instagram, or send to your friends!

Be Adventurous

Geoguessr - UBC Edition

For this challenge, you will play a round of Geoguesser where you have to guess where on UBC campus you are. Then using the first letter of each location, spell out a UBC related word. Just complete the crossword puzzle below or on UBC Recreations’ instagram story to get the name of the map on geoguessr! Once you have the map name, create a free geoguessr account and search the map name to get started finding your way around the UBC campus virtually!

When you’re finished, submit the UBC related word to @ubcrec on instagram with the challenge name “Geoguessr - UBC Edition!”

Outdoor Picture BINGO

In this week’s second “Be Adventurous!” challenge, you will be scouring the land near you to get BINGO!  Go explore by yourself, or with a safe bubble of friends, and try to find and take pictures of as many of these things in nature as you can.  To get BINGO, you need 3 pictures in a row!  Make a copy of this google doc, and add your photos onto it.

Once you get BINGO, DM your BINGO card with your photos on it to @ubcrec on instagram with the challenge “Outdoor Picture BINGO” for a chance to be featured on our page!  Best of luck, and go “Be Adventurous”!


Brain Power

Guess That Sound

Missed your chance at "Guess That Sound” at your local radio stations? No worries, join our special version of the game!

Directions for the challenge:

  1. To participate, simply click on the video and listen to the following sounds.
  2. Guess the location where you’d hear all three sounds!
  3. Direct message @ubcrec on Instagram by Friday, October 2nd at 11:59pm and include "Guess That Sound", the three sounds, and location in which they can all be found!

Guess Where In UBC

The two pictures below are snippets of two locations on the UBC campus. Is it the library ? The clock tower? We’re not sure. It’s up to your detective skills to find out where these photos are taken.

DM @ubcrec where you think these photos were taken!

Google Maps

UBC Wayfinder








And that's it for the Week 1 challenges! We hope you get creative, get active, and have some fun! Stay tuned for next week's challenges.