Run/Roll/Walk Series Blog – Week 3!

Welcome to the Run/Roll/Walk Series blog! Hopefully, last week’s Strava Art was a fun way for you to change up your running routine and explore the outdoors. Congratulations to our gift card winners Vera & Ally on their winning drawings. I regret to inform you that my portrait of Santa Ono ended up looking more like Frankenstein than our beloved president. 


The idea of Strava Art might seem a bit silly, but I think there’s a valuable lesson we can take from it. On my run, I was so focused on making my masterpiece that for the first time in a long time, I didn’t pay attention to how far or fast I was going. Unlike other sports, running isn’t often thought of as being a fun thing to do. When a lot of us think of running we think of our pubescent selves in a high school gym class, or what we see Usain Bolt do every 4 years. I think a lot of us forget that running doesn’t have to be a punishment and we don’t have to be an Olympic level athlete to enjoy it. As kids, most of us had great relationships with running. We used it to chase each other around the field, to race to the bus, and to hide behind trees in games of hide and seek. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we forget that running is the source of so much joy in our lives.


Imagine if every time you read a book all you cared about was how many pages you could read or how fast you could finish it. It seems ridiculous, so why do we approach running that way? The time we spend running and the time we spend reading aren’t as different as they might seem. Both offer us an escape from our day-to-day lives and give us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us. The time you spend on a run can also be the time you have to listen to a new podcast or call your mom. It could be the excuse you need to visit the ocean, or even grab a treat from Dairy Queen. Being a runner means something different to everyone. Realizing what it means to you can help you change your relationship with the sport and get the most out of your runs. Go out with an open mind, run as far or as fast as you want, and just try and enjoy the time you spend outside. You never know what you’ll discover!

Week 3

Week three welcomes our first roll event of the series. Join all of Vancouver in Bike to Work Week to better your health and the environment around you. Even if you’re not going to work this week, pump up those tires and challenge yourself to ride one, two, or four hours. For more details follow the Facebook event page and don’t forget to email your results to im.events1@ubc.caGood luck with your challenge this week!

Once again, on behalf of the entire team, welcome and thank you for joining this community!