UBC TSC Women’s Ultimate Season Update

As the school year continues and with COVID-19’s continual spread, it may be possible that this season will be quite similar to how our last season ended: too quickly. With this global pandemic, we can never really predict how things will happen, and the uncertainty has us all wondering how things will be, so we’d like to give everyone a quick update as to how we’ll be dealing with it.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like we will be able to compete in the U.S. so far, especially since the travels bans are still present, and it would make it difficult having to quarantine every time we go down. With that being said, we’re still looking to have a season. Hopefully, we will be able to reach out to some other teams that are around us and have some kind of a little tournament by the end of the season, while continuing to have practices starting off in small pods, then branching out from there on out.

Back when we didn’t have a global pandemic and could be together chasing plastic.


Normally, we would have tryouts in late October-early November, but this year, we’re looking to have some sort of tryouts in November. The details of it all are not set yet, so if you would like to follow closely, be sure to follow us on Instagram for the earliest and quickest updates! Don’t worry if you’re living abroad, we want to make it as inclusive as possible to everywhere no matter the circumstances they face.


As said above, right now we aren’t able to have large groups of practices, but we will strive to have practices within smaller pods, or accountability with one another so that we can better prepare for the season to come.


We hope to be able to see everyone soon and to make this work as much as possible!
Feel free to reach out to us either through our Instagram or by email and we’ll reply to the best of our ability.
Stay safe and clean out there everyone!