Week 2 Challenge Series Overview

🚨 Our Week 2 Intramural Challenges are here 🚨

How to make a challenge submission:

  1. Once you’ve completed your chosen challenge(s), please navigate to the @ubcrec Instagram account for your submission!
  2.  Make your submission via a direct message to @ubcrec. Please specify what challenge your submission is for (example: “Get Creative: Stopwatch Challenge”). 
  3. If you are submitting a photo or video, please make sure you press the ‘image’ icon on the right hand side of your screen and add to the DM. Make sure the file is completely uploaded!
  4. Some of our challenges can be completed on Instagram, so keep an eye out for our stories on Monday and Thursday, or click on our Instagram Highlights!


Week 2 runs from Monday, October 5th to Friday, October 10th ⏱.  We’ll post challenge answers and our favourite submissions on Saturday, October 11th!

Disclaimer: by sending in a submission, you are providing UBC Recreation Intramurals permission to use your content.

Here’s how you can get involved in this week’s challenges:

Get Creative

What UBC Recreation event are you?

Have you ever wondered which UBC Recreation event you are? We have an answer for you!

Complete this quiz to find out: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5f742fbb3212bf00144f29fd

Don’t forget to let us know your results by tagging us on Instagram @ubcrec!

Stopwatch Challenge

Did you know that the fastest time to start and stop a stopwatch is 0.008s? We want to see how fast you can do it!

  1. To participate in this challenge:
  2. Start and stop a stopwatch as fast as you can using the stopwatch app on your phone
  3. Screenshot your best time
  4. Submit your time via direct message to @ubcrec on Instagram

At the end of the week, we will share the quickest time to complete the challenge on our instagram!

Be Adventurous

Found Object Challenge

If you are looking for a reason to get away from your computer screen, this challenge is for you! This week, “Be Adventurous!” is challenging you to create a masterpiece using “found items”. Head outside and find whatever you want (sticks, rocks, leaves, pinecones, etc.) and use your discoveries to create a design, pattern, or image! If you can’t go outside, that’s a-okay - use “found items” from your home instead! Take a picture of your creation and send it to @ubcrec on instagram or post it to your story and tag @ubcrec to be featured! Happy finding!

Geoguessr Challenge - Vancouver Edition

If you’re missing Vancouver and all the beautiful spots around the city, join us for the second “Be Adventurous!” Geoguessr challenge. This week we will be exploring popular locations around Vancouver through a game of Geoguessr. First log in to your Geoguessr account (or create a free account if you don’t have one), then solve the QR code puzzle found at the following link (https://puzzel.org/en/slidingpuzzle/play?p=-MIUe480h0lsskD-Xnfk) to access the game. Then use the first letters of each location you discover to unscramble and spell a Vancouver related word (hint: your two bonus letters for this round will be “U” and “N”)! When you find the mystery word, direct message it to @ubcrec to confirm you successfully completed the challenge! Good luck exploring Vancouver from the comfort of your home!

Brain Power

Guess That Sound

Missed your chance at “Guess That Sound” at your local radio stations? No worries, join our special version of the game! To participate, simply answer or Instagram Story on Thursday (October 9th), and guess the location where you’d hear the sound!

Guess Where In UBC

The two pictures below are snippets of two locations on the UBC campus. Is it the library ? The clock tower? We’re not sure. It’s up to your detective skills to find out where these photos are taken.

DM @ubcrec where you think these photos were taken!

UBC Trivia!

Challenge Description: Hey you! How much do you know about UBC? Some of these questions you don’t learn in a classroom. Answer the questions below to see how well you know UBC!

How long is “The Shadow” outside the Nest?

Which building on UBC’s Vancouver campus broke the world record for the tallest wooden building in the world in 2016?

What is the actual name of the study space on UBC’s Vancouver campus nicknamed the “Harry Potter” room?

When was the inaugural year of UBC Rec’s Storm the Wall event?

If you feel you’ve got the answer to these questions, message @UBCrec with your responses

And that's it for the Week 2! We hope you get creative, get active, and have some fun! Stay tuned for next week's challenges.