Run/Roll/Walk Series Blog – Week 4!

Welcome to the Run/Roll/Walk Series blog!  I hope everyone had a fantastic week on their bikes so far! To start off, I just want to give a BIG congratulations to our winners last week Joshua and Sarah! This week’s challenge was to hop on a bicycle and ride wherever you needed to go! We were joined by people across Vancouver during Bike to Work week. Look at some of the awesome rides our participants did last week attached in the photos below! 

As an avid road cyclist myself, I absolutely LOVE the wind in my face and the feeling of going so fast for hundreds of kilometers on human muscle power alone – it’s unbelievable. Although this amazing feeling doesn’t come easy. This rush is definitely mixed with the calf cramps, parched lips, as well as the absolute pain shooting through your thighs when trying to crest the last little part of a hill. The most fascinating thing about road cycling is seeing just how fit cyclists of all ages can be. . It has a super low impact on your body, so you can keep cycling from the day you learn to ride!  I remember watching this one cyclist older than me race by me up a hill at such an incredible speed, while I was left gasping for air. Cycling seems to be an activity that you can always improve at, and it gets even better with age! Almost like a fine wine. 


As incredible as cycling is, it is undoubtedly challenging, and I invite you to push yourself beyond Bike to Work week. Everyone has a different cycling ability, and although the biking challenge is over, we would love it if you continued to ride! If you live in the Vancouver area and want to rent some bicycles for you and your friends, please feel free to send us an email ( and we will get you set up with a 15% off discount to Yes Cycle on Denman street! 


Week 4

This week’s activity will be based around trail running! We invite you to get out onto the trails, beaches, or parks near you and take a run in nature. If you can, ditch the sidewalks and asphalt, and surround yourself with those lush greens or mountain sides instead. If you’re near UBC’s Vancouver campus, explore the trails through Pacific Spirit Park; and if you’re not, take a quick Google search to find some new paths to wander! 

Week 4 prizing: $40.00 giftcard to Nike or lululemon

For more details follow the Facebook event page and don’t forget to email your results to im.events1@ubc.caGood luck with your challenge this week!

Once again, on behalf of the entire team, welcome and thank you for joining this community!