‘Sorting’ Out Some New Traditions for TSC Quidditch!

This fall has been full of change, not just for the all the plants around us preparing to sleep through this winter, but also for us students – adjusting to online classes, new routines, and new ways of connecting with our teammates. Though we are still waiting to be able to start practices safely, UBC Quidditch has been keeping busy with some great new changes of our own, namely, the establishment of a house system!

You heard right; UBC Quidditch now has three team houses, house Ipokw (Lynx), house Kakowan (Orca), and house Shayim (Grizzly)! They’re named in Chinook Jargon, a historic trade language of BC, as a tribute to the history of our province and UBC. These houses, each led by an experienced player as prefect, are engaging in friendly competition for house points, which can be won by attending team study meetings, winning trivia games, and participating in workouts. The house with the most points at the end of the year will be the proud winner of the Tri-House-Cup, but hey, there’s plenty of time to compete before then!

The three house crests of the UBC Quidditch team houses, including a grizzly, a lynx, and an orca

Last week, UBC Quidditch had our first ever virtual sorting ceremony (complete with hats!), and all our new members were sorted into their respective houses via a fancy questionnaire that included such imperative questions such as “what is your ideal weather?” and “what’s your actual Hogwarts house?” While we may have to wait until next year to resume our usual traditions like open practices and team dinners, sometimes it’s exciting to make new traditions that keep us connected in times like these.

The faces of the UBC Quidditch team via zoom

Curious who’s currently winning? We’ll be updating the results of each week’s house-point competitions via our Facebook and Instagram pages every two weeks, so you can head there to cheer on your favourite house!

We wish everyone a great season full of new friends, new classes, and even new traditions! Go Thunderbirds!