Week 3 Challenge Series Overview

⭐️Our Week 3 Intramurals Challenges are here⭐️

Happy Thanksgiving from UBC Intramurals! Feeling groggy after too much turkey 🦃? Try out this week’s challenge series! These challenges will test your creativity, brainpower, and get you active! This week’s challenges include something for everyone – the Autumn Color Off, a Vancouver Geoguessr, and a fun Vancouver trivia!

Team up with or win bragging rights over your friends: all are welcome to participate – students, staff, alumni, or even if you’re just passing through!

Here’s how you can get involved in this week’s challenges:

Get Creative

Autumn Color Off 🍂

This week we challenge you to get creative with our autumn color off. To participate we ask that you take a fall-inspired picture, upload it using the website linked below, then color it in and submit to @ubcrec. 


Also, make sure to check out our Bingo template for some ideas of what to do this fall!

Be Adventurous

Geoguessr: The Final Map 🗺️

This is the final Geoguessr challenge! This week’s word is 5 letters long, so just unscramble the first letters of each location once you’ve completed the challenge! Remember to make sure you’re logged in to your Geoguessr account to access the map. You can find the link below.


Brain Power

Guess Where In UBC 👀

The two pictures below are snippets are two locations on the UBC Vancouver campus. Is it the library? The clock tower? We're not sure. It's up to your detective skills to find out where these photos are taken.


DM @ubcrec where you think these photos were taken!

Guess That Sound👂

Missed your chance at "Guess That Sound" at your local radio stations? No worries,  join our special version of the game! To participate, simply answer our Instagram Story on Thursday (October 15th), and guess the mystery sound effect!

Trivia Time❗️

Hey you! How much do you know about Vancouver? Some of these questions you don't learn in a classroom.  Answer the questions below to see how well you know the largest Canadian city on the west coast!

  1. What is the name of the building that set the Guinness World Record for the narrowest commercial building?
  2. Which family built The Lion’s Gate Bridge?
  3. What local donut shop was featured on Netflix’s Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner?
  4. Vancouver is the ___-largest TV and movie production city in North America?

If you liked answering those, join us for our zoom trivia on October 22nd! DM us @ubcrec to for further details

How to make a challenge submission: 

  1. Once you’ve completed your chosen challenge(s), please navigate to the @ubcrec Instagram account for your submission!
  2. Make your submission via a direct message to @ubcrec. Please specify what challenge your submission is for (example: “Be Creative: Trick Shot Challenge” or “Brain Power: Guess That Sound”). 
  3. If you are submitting a photo or video, please make sure you press the ‘image’ icon on the right hand side of your screen and add to the DM. Make sure the file is completely uploaded!
  4. Some of our challenges can be completed on Instagram, so keep an eye out for our stories on Monday and Thursday, or click on our Instagram Highlights!

Get pumped and remember to submit the Week 3 challenges by Friday, October 16th, 11:59 pm! We’ll be posting challenge answers and our favorite submissions on Saturday, October 17th!

* Disclaimer: by sending in a submission, you are providing UBC Recreation Intramurals permission to use your content. *

And that's it for the Week 3! We hope you get creative, get active, and have some fun! Stay tuned for next week's challenges ✨