League Feature: Ice Hockey Alive and Well on Campus

Tuesday night at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena, I had the absolute pleasure attending the free ice hockey skills contest. I’m so happy that I did. It was so much fun to get back on the ice and play around. Half the ice was a shootout, while the other half was an obstacle course comprised of cones and targets. I had a blast and will definitely be attending again soon!

– Thomas Rayment, UBC Intramurals

Don’t take my word for it here’s what some of the students had to say:

Amanda Coulis:

 On Covid Safety:

“I have felt super safe; it’s really great how respectful everyone has been. It’s not just what the staff is doing in pre-screening with hand sanitizing and that, but also, my fellow participants, doing things like wearing a mask, maintaining their distance in the change room and on the ice.”

On The League:

“This is my third time out. It’s been really fun! The staff does a great job of trying to mix things up every week and keeping it fun for us, plus it’s free! It’s also cool because as another adult player, you don’t really get the chance to practice anymore, to go back to the basics and work on shooting and skills like that. Plus, I’ve been able to drag my friends out and even make a few friends while we’re here.”

Ari Rosea:

On Covid Safety:

“It definitely seems like the Intramurals staff is doing everything they can. I have felt super safe every time I’ve come out; it’s my fourth time now. It starts as soon as you get there, they make you wear a mask, the building is locked so the staff have to let you in. Sanitize your hands so you know that everyone in the building is safe, plus there’s always social distancing.”

On The League:

“Really, what’s not to love! It’s 45 minutes of free ice. THANK GOD it’s not at 11:30 PM. And all the stuff the staff has had ready for us has been fun. Sometimes they set up little obstacle courses, or accuracy contests, other times it is a shootout. Really, it’s just good to get out and skate when you’re out there. It feels kind of normal. The first week I came on my own, but I’ve been back four times, so I’ve made friends with the people that come regularly and that’s nice.”



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