The 6 Types of Players on Your Soccer Team


The Kick it Back Soccer Tournament is here! That means that it is time to put your team together. A squad of soccer players united together to play a game they love, and have the most fun they can. We know that this task can be daunting, so we put together a list of the 6 types of people you’ll have on your Kick it back 6v6 soccer team.


  1. THE CAPTAIN: This is you! You’re reading this, you are the main character, the reason there is a team at all. You saw the Facebook post, messaged the group chat, lit the beacons, sounded the horn, and got the team together.

  1. THE ATHLETE: The Athlete is likely the first person to reply in the group chat. They’ve played on an intramural team every year that they’ve been to UBC, and even though it isn’t until Nov. 15 they already have a bag ready to go with their cleats and shin guards. 

  1. THE PARENT: The Parent is the nicest, most caring person you know, and vital to the success of your team. Their soccer skills might not win the MVP but you know that they’re solid on both sides of the field. This person is going to help with all the logistics, make sure that everyone gets there on time, reminds people to bring water bottles, and most importantly will keep track of the schedule!

  1. THE GOOD-TIME ONE: They live in the moment so they might not answer the group chat right away, but you know that they’re always down. The Good-Time doesn’t care about winning or losing, they’re just there to have the best time with their friends. The Good-Time is likely the one that already has a plan for what everyone is going to do after the tournament because even though it’s midterms they still want to have fun.

  1. THE STUDIOUS ONE: The Studier will need a bit of convincing to play because they’re not sure if they can take the time off studying, but ultimately even they know the break for physical activity will be beneficial to their health. This person will read up on all the tournament regulations and remind the team about the proper COVID-19 safety protocols to follow. Between games you’ll probably see them pull their laptop out of their bag, to sneak in a bit of schoolwork. 

  1. THE FORGETFUL ONE: They won’t respond in the group chat; you’ll have to message them separately to double-check that they’re coming because they forgot. Despite the constant forgetting, You know that when push comes to shove, they’ll be there even if it’s just a little bit late. 


Get back to playing the sport you love in a format you are used to with the Kick it Back 6v6 Fall Soccer Tournament. Compete against other teams in a Just for Fun level (unofficiated) soccer tournament with round-robin format to reignite your passion for a sport you love!

Important Dates
  • Registration Deadline: Tue, Nov 10 @ 5:00pm
  • Roster Submission Deadline: 12:00pm, Fri, Nov 14
  • Tournament Day: 3 Time Slots on Sun, Nov 15
Who Can Participate?
  • Teams of 8 consisting of UBC students, faculty or staff