Dodgeball Derby is Back and Safer Than Ever!

Yes, you heard me correctly, Dodgeball Derby is back and in person on November 7th from 12:00pm – 4:30pm! Don’t worry, we have loads of safety precautions in place to keep you and your teammates as safe and healthy as possible throughout the tournament. 


First, we will cover some basics of the event and then we will cover all of the important COVID-19 safety protocols that will be used by UBC Recreation to help keep every participant playing with ease throughout the event. 


Dodgeball Derby Basics:

  • The event takes place on November 7 at the SRC. 
  • The event has two time slots that you can register in. 12:00pm – 2:00pm and 2:30pm – 4:30pm. We ask that you make yourself and your team aware of your time slot in order to not arrive until that time to alleviate the numbers of people in the building. 
  • Teams should consist of 6-8 people. We ask that your teams only include those that are already in your social circle. These can be people you’ve been interacting with in your residence, your roommates, your close bubble of friends, etc. 
  • Games will be structured in a round robin style to maintain social distancing.  
  • If you haven’t registered yet, you can register on our facebook event page here.



COVID-19 Safety Rules & Precautions:

  • Participants should arrive at the north doors of the SRC where the SRC operations staff will conduct the Covid-19 pre-screen. Once completed, participants will proceed upstairs for sign in.
  • Participants will exit via the north doors in the gyms once they are done playing.
  • Participants are asked to sign in as a complete team, and once signed in, players will be assigned a court to play on.
  • All equipment that is not specifically worn by the participant will be supplied by Intramurals. (i.e. dodgeballs will be laid out for participants)
  • The dodgeballs will be cleaned after every time slot to ensure they are thoroughly sanitized. 
  • Benches will be marked out for participants on the roster who are not currently playing.
  • Washrooms are available, but water fountains are closed (so bring a full water bottle!), and change rooms are not available for tournament participants.
  • Masks are mandatory for all participants to wear while in the SRC until game-play. Once the games begin and you are on the dodgeball court, you may remove your masks if you wish as long as you put it back on at any point you aren’t playing. 


We are so thrilled to have our first in-person event back but, we ask that you please take these rules extremely seriously and abide by them at every point of the event. We want this to be fun and safe for everyone involved! 


Get your sweatbands ready, shine your shoes, do some stretches, and get pumped because this is going to be a legendary event!

Register before Tuesday, November 3!