We are Back! Meet the 2020/2021 UBC Cycling Executives

2020 may be the Year of COVID, but we’d like to think it is also the Year of the Bike! A huge bike craze swept over Vancouver this past summer and we are amazed at how much the cycling community has grown. In particular, this year we had an overwhelming amount of interest from prospective athletes wanting to join our team. Unfortunately, due to the new COVID-19 requirements, we had to limit our roster size, something we never had to do in the past. After hosting virtual try-outs held over a two weeks period, we will finally get to ride together in early November!

Get to know your 2020/2021 executive team

Meet the 2020/2021 executive team who has been working hard behind the scenes to create a plan that will allow us to return to sport safely. Your execs also support the team by planning group rides, social events, team fundraising activities, travel to and from races and finances associated with the team.

Club Lead: Zack Michaels

Major: Engineering Physics

Academic year: 5

Years racing: 3

Favourite place to ride: Belcarra

Best ride snack: All-dressed Chips

How did you get into cycling? Went from Commuting to doing short rides, and then joined the team and started racing

Favourite memory of being on the team:  The ttt’s in my first year, I was racing the A’s with 2 much stronger riders and they would always make me take the last pull all out. We would all scream as we crossed the line to motivate me to push harder.

What was your COVID hobby: Cycling

Tips for new cyclists: Always bring food and eat on your rides!


Finance Officer: Dylan Annandale

Major: Honors English

Academic year: 3

Years racing: 0

Favourite place to ride: Up to the Seymour dam through Demo Forest!

Best ride snack: Banana

How did you get into cycling? I quit rowing and needed something equally as challenging!

Favourite memory of being on the team:  Literally any ride with some sun

What was your COVID hobby: Tennis (though not well)

Tips for new cyclists:  Have fun, be safe, get to know the team!

Marketing and Communications Officer: Calista Valente

Major: Cognitive Systems

Academic year: 4.5

Years racing: 6

Favourite place to ride: Riding along Kootenay Lake and taking the ferry to Proctor

Best ride snack: Granola bar or Muffin

How did you get into cycling? Originally, I was a triathlete and wanted to join a cycling team to get better at the bike portion of triathlons. I ended up quitting triathlons because I liked cycling more!

Favourite memory of being on the team:  Van parties! One of the athletes on the team was living in a sprinter van, so after the year end TSC banquet a couple of years ago, we all crammed into his van for an after party. I think there were 10 of us +2 bikes. (This would obviously not happen now ☹)

What was your COVID hobby: Reading and cooking/baking

Tips for new cyclists: Wear weather appropriate clothing!

Travel and Safety Officer: Wiley Melton

Major: Commerce

Academic year: 3

Years racing: 8

Favourite place to ride: Chapman Road, Boulder Colorado

Best ride snack: Skratch Labs Chews

How did you get into cycling? Watching the Tour as a kid

Favourite memory of being on the team: Going 1-2 at the Bellingham Crit with Declan

What was your COVID hobby: Fly fishing and camping

Tips for new cyclists: Practice riding close to others as often as possible. Group riding is one of the most difficult and important parts of bike racing.


We are so excited to get to meet everyone (in person!) and look forward to an amazing year!

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