Halloween Got You Down? Escape Room Is Wrapping Up And Wants To Help!

This year’s online Escape Room is wrapping up this week and we are so happy with the excitement and engagement that was brought by each and every team!! 

Fall semester has definitely been strange for so many people across campus and we commend everyone for making the most of it despite tough circumstances.

Escape Room is coming to a close this week so this your teams’ one last reminder to check your emails and get cracking on your final codes & clues as soon as possible in order to finish in time. 

If your team has already completed all of their escape rooms then you’re one step ahead of the game and we hope you’ve celebrated in the best, socially distant way as possible. 



Now that Halloween has been extra modified to only include your closest bubble of family or friends, we wanted to give you and your squads some fun Escape Room themed group costume ideas. If you can’t do much other than dress up this year, you might as well go all out! Here are some fabulous ideas. 


5 Iconic Harry Potter Halloween Costume Ideas for groups of 4-6: 


  • The last remaining members of the original Order of the Phoenix



  • The Weasley family (full or just the kids)



  • Any of the famous and infamous Hogwarts professors, see here for a list of a few big names.



  • This totally awesome Fantastic Beasts crew (+ the niffler and Bowtruckle of course!) 



  • Voldemort, Bellatrix, Lucius & other death eaters 



If you do have a gathering with your small bubble, please do safely and wisely. We want you to enjoy Halloween 2020, but while still protecting your community.


We’re looking forward to seeing the last submissions for the online Escape Room from all of the participating teams. Happy hunting, happy, de-coding, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!