Run/Roll/Walk Series Blog – Week 8!

Welcome to the Run/Roll/Walk Series blog!  Happy November! We hope everyone enjoyed our more relaxed challenge as well as enjoyed the awesome live-streamed yoga session on Thursday!  Also, congratulations to last week’s winners Teagan and Clement!

I hope that last week’s emphasis on de-stressing and slowing things down is something that you can implement in your day to day life. As students, I find that it’s often easy for us to neglect our self-compassion and lead ourselves to burnout and scarcity. I saw this in myself when I was okay with giving up my sleep to work on a paper as well as seeing my free time as something that needed to be filled up by doing something “productive”. However, taking a break and resting is very necessary and is a good way to de-stress. 


There are many different ways to de-stress such as meditation, yoga, listening to music, exercise, etc. For me, when my mind feels chaotic, I often meditate or take a walk in nature. Looking at the tall trees and seeing everything so still makes me feel more grounded. Running or any kind of exercise is another great way to de-stress and is an activity that many seek refuge in. Moving your body can also be a great grounding technique where you can focus on what your body feels like with each movement. Not to sound too cheesy but that sounds beautiful to me, just being in the present moment. Anyway, whether your de-stressing activity is taking a walk, doing yoga, meditating, talking with friends, running, or biking, remember that you should always make time for that.

-Christie Bernados

Week 8:

As we enter a new month, it gives us time to reflect on what we did last month and the little victories that were achieved. For example, on behalf of the Virtual Run/Roll/Wall series team, I would like to acknowledge and congratulate you for signing up for this series. The very action of signing up shows you are striving to stay consistently active and is a victory to celebrate!  

This week we are encouraging participants to not only celebrate small victories in your personal life but to also to try to beat your own personal record. Participants are asked to submit what they were aiming for and what they actually got. This is also a good way to reflect on what challenges you have done for the Run/Roll/Walk series thus far. Maybe you strive to run a little faster to that Hip Hop Bop from our “Running with the Rhythm” challenge. Or maybe you want to double that distance from our “Bike to Work Week” challenge. The choice is up to you! We can’t wait to celebrate those victories with you! 

Prizes this week: $40.00 gift card to Nike or lululemon

Don’t forget to email your results to im.events1@ubc.caGood luck with your challenge this week!

Once again, on behalf of the entire team, welcome and thank you for joining this community!