Run/Roll/Walk Series Blog – Week 9!

Welcome to the Run/Roll/Walk Series blog! The virtual walk/run/roll series is almost coming to an end, and our theme for this week is to finish strong with a modified triathlon! We hope you enjoyed last week’s challenge of beating your personal record!

Congrats to everyone for finishing last week’s challenge and beating your Personal Record! If you weren’t able to do the last challenge and beat your PR, don’t sweat it! There will always be a time! Let’s celebrate those victories!


Here are some amazing accomplishments from last week! 


Congrats Katelyn, for beating your longest run distance of about 11km and running 12.1 km! We wish we were there cheering on you every step of the way! 👏


Awesome job to Nanami who ran a lap around the park (1.8km) without stopping! You just can’t be stopped! 👏


Way to go, Helen for doing a 5km in 33min! Keep it up! 👏


Josh! We love to hear that you have a running buddy! Cheers to your best 3km time! 👏


Good job to Alanna for beating your longest bike ride, of 46km and achieving 54km! Hope you enjoyed the ride! 👏


Amazing job to Ariel for beating your Great Trek 10k time of 45:56 from week 6, and now coming in at 44:37! We hope to see you at our next Great Trek when you beat that record! 👏


Wow good job Rahel for trying something different and running on a much hillier course than normal! Get those elevation gains! 👏


Congrats Timmie for beating your PR of 30km and making it to 54km! That’s an awesome accomplishment! 👏


Bronwyn! It’s so great that you were able to beat for your longest trail run and achieve 9.0km! We hope you enjoyed the trails! 👏

Thank you to everyone who took part in last week’s challenge! 


Week 9! 


This week we are bringing you a triathlon with a twist. For those who are unfamiliar with what a triathlon is, it is an endurance multisport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. Every year in the spring, UBC Recreation Intramurals hosts TriDu, which is a triathlon-duathlon event. This popular race is open to students and community members and always brings a cheerful crowd. 


So what does a modified triathlon look like? This week we are asking you to choose any 2 or 3 physical activities to participate in! Some different activities include walking, cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, trail running, swimming, doing a 20 minute HIIT Workout, etc! The possibilities are endless! The varying levels should be listed in this week’s email! 


I think triathlons are very inspiring. It reminds me that we are capable of so much and we can do so many things! I believe that everyone has potential to do anything. At random times I fantasize about pursuing a random interest. Sometimes I say, maybe I could be the next astronaut or what if I write an award-winning book or be the next chess champion. Obviously this can lead to me going down a rabbit hole of various interests and also me having so many ideas that never get pursued. 


But back to the triathlon, find your top 2-3 favorite physical activities, get motivated and have a great time!


Prizes this week: $40.00 gift card to Nike or lululemon

Don’t forget to email your results to im.events1@ubc.caGood luck with your challenge this week!

Once again, on behalf of the entire team, welcome and thank you for joining this community!