Kick It Back Soccer Winners and Highlights

This past weekend, UBC students were able to get back outside and have fun in the 6v6 Kick It Back Fall Soccer Tournament! Teams of friends came together with a variety of different relationships whether that be roommates, fraternities, faculty, previous REC teams, or just the simple passion of soccer to play! With three different timeslots and a total of 17 teams, the tournament was a blast!

We want to thank all the teams and participants for coming out, following all of adapted COVID-19 rules, enjoying the unexpected great weather, and being as safe as possible for the entire tournament.


We want to congratulate our three winners :

Ya Got a Dart? 

Drill, Fill, Bill

MFC Prem


10:30am Timeslot

  1. Ya got a Dart?
  2. Cameron Lee Fan Club
  3. Teamhorton
  4. PDT 2
  5. PDT
  6. Focal FC

1:15pm Timeslot

  1. Drill, Fill, Bill
  2. Imafraid Jumightbeinagang
  3. O&G
  4. 2 Goals 1 Cup
  5. Maddie’s Dance Team
  6. Alpha Kappa Psi

4:00pm Timeslot

  1. MFC Prem
  2. Big Kick Energy
  3. Soccer-seq
  4. Flatballers
  5. WengerIn                                               


Here some highlights to get you excited to play in the next UBC REC tournament!


Team Flatballers were not only having fun but feeling COVID safe with the rules we had in place as well.

One of the winning teams said “It was great. We’re happy to get a chance to get out there and have people playing again”.

MFC Prem, the 4pm winners, were “in it to win it” and confident from the beginning as mentioned our interview with them.

One participant simply described the soccer tournament as a “non-stop thrill ride”.

An overall consensus from all student players was that the soccer tournament was “super fun” and are  hoping “there’s more [tournaments] in the future as well”.



Congrats to all of the winners!  Please check out this website in a couple of weeks to see what programs we will be offering in the Winter Semester!