Run/Roll/Walk Series Blog – Week 10!

Welcome to the final week of the Walk/Run/Roll Series! For our final challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to complete any of the previous week’s activities. Congratulations to last week’s winners Timme and Rahel for completing our modified triathlon. 

Last week was modified triathlon week, where participants were challenged to complete their own version of a covid-triathlon. Whether it’s a modified or traditional triathlon, switching up your exercise routine can provide a lot of benefits. Physically, working different muscles can help prevent injury, and promote recovery. Mentally, switching up your workouts can lead to greater motivation and create a new, exciting challenge for you to take on during quarantine.


To everyone who ran, biked, skipped, walked, and lifted weights this week, congratulations on completing the challenge. We even had a participant complete a Sprint Triathlon, completing all three stages of the swim, bike, and run! 


Week 10! 


For the final week of our challenge, we’re giving you the opportunity to choose any of the previous week’s activities and complete it again. Did you miss out on the chance to draw better Strava Art than my Santa Ono? Feel like you can smash your PR by even more? Want to run to that country playlist that you didn’t choose the first time only to realize it was the greatest mistake of your life? Choose a challenge and give it your best shot! 


During whatever activity you choose, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your journey over the past 10 weeks. Some of you might have participated in two activities, some of you might have done all ten. Regardless of how many you completed or how fast you ran, everyone who took part in this series will be able to take something away from this experience. Perhaps you rediscovered your love for running. Or that you don’t love running, but you do love the sense of relief that you get when you get some fresh air in the middle of your workday. And maybe, just maybe, you finally realized that country music is truly an absolute zoom to run to. Whatever it is, recognize that during this crazy, unpredictable time, you took a step to better your health and you should be proud of yourself for doing that. While you might not always have a $40 lululemon gift card motivating you every week, hopefully these other rewards have inspired you to continue to be active even once the series is over.  


Choose your final challenge, embrace it, enjoy it, and finish strong!


Prizes this week: $40.00 gift card to Nike or lululemon

Don’t forget to email your results to im.events1@ubc.caGood luck with your challenge this week!

Once again, on behalf of the entire team, welcome and thank you for joining this community!