UBC TSC Nordic: Pre-season update

As we go into the last 2 weeks of classes, the Nordic team hasn’t slowed down one bit! Last week we wrapped up The University Nordic Ski Team Pushup Competition hosted by Sheila Kealey and the rest of the the Ottawa U Nordic team.


Results from the University Nordic Ski Team Pushup Competition

The competition started off pretty slowly with our boys really missing the mark. As we approached the deadline however, the boys really kicked it up a notch and we started climbing in the ranks. The completion finished Sunday November 22nd, 2020 (yesterday). How did we do? We came fourth out of  thirteen participating teams! Although we didn’t take that championship title, it was a great event and awesome way to bring the team together (virtually).


Thanks to all the participants and BIG thanks to Sheila and Ottawa U Nordic for putting this all together! Congrats to Carleton for taking the Big W! If you missed the action, check out the “push-up competition” memory on our Instagram page. Good luck on exams and happy (almost) ski season!