UBC Men’s Ultimate Is Back!

After a 7 month-long break, the UBC Men’s Ultimate Team is looking to spring back into action
December 2020! However, due to the looming pandemic of COVID-19, our activities this season may be
quite different from the usual. Our executives are currently working with the university to hopefully
start practices in the new year; with news of a potential vaccine, we are approaching 2021 with
optimism. In the meantime, as we wait for the approval of practices, here is what we will be doing,
completely COVID safe. Anyone who attends UBC and is eligible to play for the team may participate in
all of our pre-season activities.

Zoom Meetings

The team leadership is looking forward to hosting biweekly meetings on Zoom. These meetings will
include activities such as analyzing game footage, reviewing team plays and various team bonding
activities. For more information, come attend our first introductory Zoom meeting on December 8th!

Facebook Group

This year, we are taking a very welcoming and inclusive approach to the pre-season. As such, anyone
who is interested in playing ultimate at UBC may join our new Facebook group: UBC TSC Men’s Ultimate 2020-21 Prospects. Important information regarding potential practices, links for the Zoom meetings, and updates regarding the season will all be posted on the Facebook group.

     The team hustles downfield to set up on defense against UVic at the 2020 Douglas Bowl.


Though the possibility of competing in the usual D-1 USA College Series this season may be slim, we are hoping for a small local competition by the end of the season. We can’t wait to get this season started, and we hope to see you at our first meeting!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Instagram or email.