Term 1 Recap for TSC Triathlon

Cooking Social

With the amount of training our athletes do, it is no surprise that some of them are always hungry. Fortunately, our very own Rocio Hollman led our team through a virtual cooking class. We made sweet potato gnocchi and it was delicious!

Learning to make sweet potato gnocchi


November Athlete of the Month

Our November Athlete of the Month is Amanda Lazar!

Amanda was nominated by her teammates for her sportsmanship and contribution to a positive and welcoming team dynamic, especially for new athletes!

Program: Computer Engineering (5th year)

Favorite part of being on the team: “Building life-long friendships with some amazing people who you can do crazy fun things with, like bikepacking trips and Ironmans 😍”

Fun fact: “I was a competitive synchronized swimmer for 9 years before I got into triathlon! Although I was a swimmer I was still very exposed to triathlon (with my triathlon inspiration, my dad! 😊)”

Congrats, Amanda!

Amanda Lazar


Mafia Social

Right before exam period this year, anxiety levels were at an all-time high… not just because of looming finals, but because secret mafia members were lurking around. Our final team social consisted of virtual rounds of Mafia! It was a great way to destress and unwind before exams started!

Mafia Social


Our team was thrilled to be able to carry out in-person and virtual practices this fall. We want to wish everyone the best in 2021 and we are beyond excited to share how our training progresses!